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A free to use software that records and edits audio and offers tools to handle various sample rates

A free to use software that records and edits audio and offers tools to handle various sample rates

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Program license: Free

Program by: Traverso-daw

Version: 0.49.1

Works under: Windows


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Traverso Daw is a cross-platform, open source audio editing environment that makes it simple to alter music. With a simple, one-page user interface, Traverso Daw is recommended for amateurs just starting to dive into the world of track mastering.

Using the app, it's possible to compose, record, and edit any type of audio in a speedy way. Many professionals use this lightweight application in order to draft music before transferring the file to a more robust track mastering software.

Within the application, users are able to record a single track through their microphone. All recordings can be converted into .wav files or directly into a compressed audio format, such as MP3, OGG, FLAC, or Wavpack.

In terms of editing, Traverso Daw keeps un and redo capabilities as seamless and easy to use as possible. All iterations of an audio file are internally saved while in development, which means that all editing is non-destructive since previous versions can be re-uploaded in the application. Simply put, it's safe to modify any aspect of your creation during playback or recording - the app is painless to use for any audio file.

Since Traverso Daw is free, it does lack some of the functionality of paid applications. The app lacks built-in beat tracks and digital instrumentation, meaning that users need to solely rely on the noises they've imported into the application.

However, since Traverso Daw is open source, tons of generous creators and developers are constantly updating its functionality every day. The application boasts a huge number of dedicated music fans and an open source development team under its belt.

Users should keep in mind that Traverso Daw only works on Windows and has no support for Mac iOS, linux, or other operating systems. Mac users will need to use an emulator in order to download and open the application.


  • Open source audio track editor that's updated with new features all the time
  • All audio track iterations are automatically internally saved, which makes it easy to re-upload a previous version if something goes wrong
  • Supports many different sound file conversion types


  • Not as functional as paid audio mastering applications
  • Only available for devices that run Windows

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